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5 secret ingredients for building a strong brand on social media


AUGUST, 2018

Social Media

There are few places as important for brand awareness right now as social media. These platforms offer a space for customers to connect with their favourite brands on a personal level, and a place where businesses can create more leads, improve SEO, and learn about their customers.

Facebook is by far the most preferred platform for marketers, with 67% indicating that this site is the most important for their business in a recent study by the Social Media Examiner. This was followed by LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Regardless of platform, it’s visual content that garners the most attention, with visual posts earning 94% more views than those without these elements.

The challenge is often that marketers don’t always have the same toolkits that designers do when it comes to creating visual content.

So how can brands create engaging visual content for their social media without all the same training and skills of a professional designer? Here are our five secret ingredients to getting it right every time:

1. Brand Guidelines

Begin with a clear brand guideline to lead you through the process. A good brand guideline essentially sets the rules for how your company looks and sounds, including parameters for your brand colours, fonts, language, imagery, and personality. Once you have this in place, anyone should be able to create content for your business that looks and feels like it represents the brand.

“Your brand represents your business, product or service as a whole, not just how it looks, but also how you are and how you are perceived by others.”

2. Consistency

Consistency is vital to create a clear brand for your company. This means you should stick with the same colour palette, visual style, and fonts throughout all content. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to be able to identify a visual from your brand even without your company name or logo.


3. A clear voice and style

The most successful brands in the world all have a very clear idea of their own voices and styles. Whether this is informative and friendly, cheeky and fun, straightforward and factual, or something in between, this voice will help to define your brand and make it stand out on social media.

4. Authenticity

Long gone are the days when customers will put up with being ‘sold to’. Any brand must feel authentic and be personal to connect with audiences, or risk appearing too out of touch and unwelcoming. This authenticity will show your clients that you are a brand of real humans and not just a faceless business or organisation.


5. Templates

Even though good things take time, there’s nothing saying you can’t speed up the process here and there. Create templates for yourself when you begin making visuals – such as posters, flyers and banners – that you can return to and tweak each time. This will also help with keeping the style consistent and on brand.

Wrapping Up

We know that it can seem like a daunting task for non-designers to create visual branding for social media, but keep in mind that if you can include these five ingredients in your mix, you’re already well on your way to creating a clear and engaging online presence.

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