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6 Reasons to Refresh Your Brand This Year

15 February, 2023

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If you’ve been considering a fresh look or are ready to start the year with a revamped website or logo, here’s a little more about what a brand refresh is and why you would benefit from one.

What is a brand refresh?

A brand refresh is when you change your company’s visuals, such as your logo, company colours, and other design elements. This can be a minor update or a larger one, but no matter the size, it is a makeover that’s intended to keep your brand relevant and to reflect the personality and style of your company.

Keep in mind, a refresh is smaller than a rebranding, which is a complete overhaul of your brand.

Some brands will go years between refreshes, while others (like us!) will prefer to make minor adjustments every year or so. It all depends on your company, your market, and the industry at large, and your design agency can help you to navigate the best ways and times to refresh your brand without becoming unrecognisable to your loyal customers.

“Brands and customers alike, do evolve.”

— Bernard Kelvin Clive

Reasons to do a brand refresh

The reasoning behind a brand refresh can vary greatly, and one company might update their visuals for a completely different reason to another. Here are the top 6 reasons why you might consider a branding update:

1. Stay current with your industry and your audience

Many industries move quickly. For us, branding and design is constantly on the move, with just as many popular trends as the fashion industry. Regular refreshes help us stay up to date with the latest styles and looks, and ensures we connect with modern audiences.

2. Keep your competitive edge

Being mindful of your competition is an effective strategy in all things marketing, and branding is no exception. It always pays to see what your competition is up to so you can refresh your brand to stay one step ahead.

3. Reflect your company’s services and products

Perhaps you have added a new service or a new line of products to your offerings. Perhaps, for example, you have started taking a more eco-friendly approach to business. Whatever the change, you might consider a refresh to best reflect your company’s current products, services, and beliefs.

4. To improve business

Sometimes products and services don’t sell as well as you’d expected, or your growth in the market comes to a standstill unexpectedly. There could be many reasons for this, but sometimes, all your brand needs is a little boost to remind your customers of your business and give them a fresh look at your company.

5. Your branding is no longer consistent

Inconsistent branding can be surprisingly common. You might see a company with bright and youthful imagery, but paired with a stark and simple logo. Or perhaps the writing style on the website and social media is very formal, while the products are much more fun. A branding refresh can help a company to adjust its style to ensure all of their materials sing the same tune.

6. You’re not getting the audience you expect

In your mind, your key audience might be young professionals with disposable income, but lately you’ve been noticing your customers fall well outside that demographic. In this case, you can either refresh your brand to better appeal to those young professionals, or you might even refresh to solidify your brand within a different market.

Final thoughts

Perhaps you feel the need to refresh your brand for an entirely different purpose – there are no wrong reasons. Brands often refresh for any number of reasons, but staying relevant, competitive and modern is usually the outcome no matter the motivation.

Are you ready for a fresh start and a brand refresh too? Our Branding and Logo Design Services have got you covered for everything from those small updates to larger refreshes. 

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