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8 ways to increase your website traffic




A responsive, attractive website is a fantastic foundation, and an essential part of any modern-day business. However, that’s not always enough to attract the crowds of visitors you’re hoping for.

Rather than just waiting and hoping that those visitors will come on their own, get proactive and make a strategy to increase your website traffic. Consider your audience and your goals, and take a look at some of the ways to promote your site and attract more potential clients and customers.

1. Create engaging content

It has been said that content is king, as it’s easily one of the most important features of any strategy to attract more visitors to your site.

Anything goes in terms of content, so long as it is tailored to your audience. Find a way to make it valuable to them, whether that’s by sharing your knowledge and advice, or simply entertaining them with light-hearted pieces.

You can write blogs, record podcasts, design infographics, and share videos. A mix of these formats helps to keep your content fresh and creative, and the information you share will firmly set you apart as a thought-leader in your field.


2. Get sharing on social media

Any content you create and post to your website should also be shared across your social media channels. Spend a little time researching the best practices for each platform. For example, don’t post more than a few times a week on Facebook, and keep in mind that posts shared on Fridays tend to see more engagement than posts on Wednesdays.

Always add an image to garner more attention, and don’t be afraid to change the headline to something more attention-grabbing.

3. Incorporate SEO

You don’t need to be a search engine optimisation (SEO) guru to incorporate a few basic tenets of this content strategy.

Add keywords to your main copy, but also to your headlines, subheadings, and image captions and alt tags. Use internal linking between pages throughout your website, and ensure your URLs accurately reflect each page’s content. Post regularly, and even if you’re only posting a video, don’t forget to add a short description of the clip to create space for some keywords in the copy.

If in doubt, hire an SEO professional to either give you a guiding hand, or simply optimise your work for you.


4. Consider PPC

PPC, or pay-per-click, ads can have a valuable place in any content strategy. These ads tend to get more clicks and views, but often see less engagement and a higher bounce rate than your organic search results.

That said, PPC advertising offers a fantastic opportunity to hone in on your audience, and you can tailor them to suit your needs and budget.

Remember: It’s not just about getting traffic, it’s a lot about providing engaging content and inspire and educate your audience to create meaningful connections.

5. Create an email newsletter

Add a subscribe form to your website and build a mailing list with existing clients. To build up this list, create content of value such as an ebook or infographic and offer it in return for an email address.

Your newsletter should always offer more value, such as links to your latest blogs, important news, or discount codes for valued subscribers. But remember, avoid sending too many newsletters and causing your readers to hit that ‘unsubscribe’ button.


6. Join Facebook groups or forums

Facebook’s groups and forums features allow you to connect with others with similar interests.

While you can use them for promotion, you should absolutely spend time contributing to the group, answering questions thoughtfully, and offering advice and tips. Your contributions will position your brand as a helpful and knowledgeable company and can lead to more followers and business.

Also, keep an eye out for promotion days and use them well!

7. Run a promotion or give away

A promotion, sale, or piece of free content such as a webinar or ebook can be a great way to quickly draw a crowd of new potential clients.

Make use of your email newsletter and social media channels to invite people to enter or sign up for your giveaway.


8. Submit your site to online directories

Google is by far the most popular search engine in the western world, so don’t miss out on the chance to have your business listed on the site. Use Google My Business to add your company to the directory.

You can also add your business to sites such as Yellow Pages and Yelp.

Wrapping Up

Increasing your website traffic is possible, but it won’t happen overnight. Follow the strategy you have set, and be prepared to make adjustments as you go whenever necessary. The main thing is to curate a website that offers great content and value for your customers.

At CREATIVA, we create beautiful, functional, and efficient websites, then we take it a step further with strategies to generate engaging content, promote your site, and increase your traffic. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.

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