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The difference between
Branding, Identity & Logo


MAY, 2016


As Graphic Designers we have seen many times that the concept of Logo, Branding and Identity are unclear. We want to talk a little about these concepts today, because we know that many businesses can highly benefit once these concepts are clear and adopted.

As competition create a great number of choices for customers, companies needs to find a way to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. Here is where their Branding and Identity plan plays a crucial role in their Marketing Strategy.

Let’s define each of these main elements:


Beyond a memorable logo, and a beautiful visual guidelines, your branding makes you who you are and how people see you. Your brand represents your business, product or service as a whole, not just how it looks, but also how you are and how you are perceived by others.

Companies and organizations build their brands with good products or services, and great customer services. As a Brand you want to be trusted, you want to stand out from your competitors and be referred as the best provider on your field.

Building a strong Branding is achieved by providing the best experience for your customers:

  • it’s how you answer the phone,
  • how you reply to your customers on social media,
  • how you display your Identity in a friendly way,
  • how your marketing and promotion materials looks like,
  • how consistent your image is,Basically it’s making the experience of doing business with you, a very pleasant and unique one.

In saying that, Brand is not created by a designer, Although we create a strong foundation with a consistent and well developed image (Identity), the building of a strong Brand goes beyond that image. It’s the personality of your company, it’s the foundation of your entire marketing strategy.

“Your brand represents your business, product or service as a whole, not just how it looks, but also how you are and how you are perceived by others.”


Here is where all the graphics and visual get together. A company Identity are the physical element of an organization that gets in contact with its customers.

The Brand Identity is a visual guideline, that will define a strategic application of your visual elements: logo, colours, fonts, images, layout, etc.  This guideline will define how your visuals will be replicated across many types of media, this will help to keep your Identity coherent and consistent which generate an instant recognition from customers.

Brand Identity is tangible, you can see it, you can touch it, you can watch it display a message through visuals.

Common elements of an Brand Identity or Image are:

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Website Layout and Style
  • Digital Presence – Social Media Images
  • Stationery – envelopes, letterhead, etc
  • Signage – Interior or exterior
  • Packaging
  • Promotion Material – Flyers, Brochures, Posters
  • And any form of communication or distribution.

To create a brand Identity for a company, we designers need to fully understand the goals of the organization, and the industry, and working with design to create the appropriate materials to represent that company.


A logo is a simple graphic representation of an organization, this can be a company, an event, a non-profit group, etc. The logo is the first visible emblem of the company or service.

The main characteristic of a logo design should be simplicity, it must trigger a feeling or a concept on people’s mind at a glance, it needs to give the customer the idea you want to represent in between that short time of seeing and understanding.

The logo identify a company on its simple form, via a symbol, mark or icon.

Now, creating a logo might be the first step on creating a Brand Identity, however a single logo is not going to build a Brand. A logo needs support from strategic visual guidelines to get into people’s mind and stay there for a long time. Here is where Identity and Branding comes into play.

Wrapping Up

As you can see when we talk about Branding we are not just talking about your logo or your stationary, we talk about the whole process and strategy to get your message to your customers in the right way, with the right elements, in summary:

Branding: The image about your organization perceived by others.
Identity: All the visuals that takes your branding to others.
Logo: A single symbol or icon that identify your organization.

We hope this explanation helps you understand the importance of a process that goes beyond a logo design. If you have questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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