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AUGUST, 2018

Web Design
Giving Back

This year we started the “CREATIVA Giving Back” in a way to give back to the community and thank everyone who supported us on our business journey… by creating opportunities to others.

Every day we are inspired by so many women who step up and follow their dreams, especially in the business arena. One of our main goals at CREATIVA, and what we are most passionate about, is to support and empower women in business through what we do best: design, branding, strategy, marketing, etc.

As part of our “Giving Back” mission to support and sponsor a project a year, that share our mission of empowerment for women and girls, we have become an official sponsor for More Than Rubies.

You can hear our Creative Director Maribel, talking about it on this video:

What we did

As part of our sponsorship, we have created a brand new website that represents their mission and promotes their important message in the local community. We will also maintain and support their website in our premium hosting services, keeping the site updated, backed up, safe and fast all year around.

More Than Rubies is also planning to sell their own merchandise online, which will be set up as an e-commerce feature on the website.

About More Than Rubies

More Than Rubies is a movement for women who want to improve their professional, entrepreneurial and personal lives. They empower women by equipping them with the practical and professional skills they need to achieve their dreams.

They organise an annual conference in Wellington, plus a series of meetups throughout the year. In their last conference, they motivated and inspired women from Wellington and beyond, including us, helping them set their goals and take positive steps towards achieving their professional and personal goals.

“More Than Rubies comes from an ancient proverb which declares that
women are of more value than jewels.”

For CREATIVA it has been a pleasure and an honour to become a More Than Rubies sponsor.

We invite you to visit their new website to know more about them, follow them on social media, and attend the next conference in November this year, and be part of the More Than Rubies movement!

You can get this year’s conference tickets here.

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

Our plan is to continue supporting and sponsoring projects and organizations that inspire us as a team, humbly contributing whatever we can, with our time, talents or resources.

With Love <3

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