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Happy Birthday to us!
CREATIVA celebrates 4 years in business



The Studio

Eight years ago, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) was released in theatres, Stan Walker was at the top of the music charts, and two women struck up a conversation in a Latin American Women’s Group in Wellington, New Zealand.

Maribel and Vera got chatting, and quickly realised they were both professional graphic designers. “We should work together!”, they exclaimed.

Maribel had only just arrived in New Zealand and was still settling in, and Vera was expecting her second child, so it would take another four years before these humble beginnings would become a reality.

Another four years on, and CREATIVA is a flourishing business, and despite a few up and downs, the team has persisted and grown thanks to each other’s encouragement (and two very supportive husbands!).

New beginnings at CREATIVA

Today, CREATIVA continues to uphold the goals we began with: to create beautiful, simple and effective results for our clients – but also to support women.

This is why we have recently been growing our team with a set of highly skilled ladies who may have struggled to find a full-time job otherwise. This is often the case for mums of young kids who want to be at home and have a flexible working opportunity, or those who are new to New Zealand and don’t yet have the experience required to find a role. It’s a win for CREATIVA to bring these ladies on board on a freelance or part-time basis, and a win for women who can continue to support each other and grow.

In the picture below you can see part of our new team! We got together for a nice bruch to celebrate our 4th birthday. From left to right:

Ninoska – Industrial Designer
Vera – Senior Graphic Designer 
Maribel – Creative Director
Maria – Web Developer

Thanks to our new team members, we are also now able to offer new services. While we began with graphic design and grew to include web design in our second year, we now also offer content editing, marketing, website hosting, and website maintenance. Additionally, one of our designers is even involved with industrial design. 


No longer ‘just’ a design studio

With all our new talent and services, we have outgrown our designation of ‘design studio’.

Today, we are so much more than we were only a few years ago – we are an integrated design, branding and marketing studio, and we are open for business and ready to help you grow your business.

Take a look at our About page to meet the team, or get in touch for a free consultation to see what we can do for you.

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