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How going online can
get you through a crisis

4th May 2020

Photo credit: Sarah Pflug

With little warning, businesses all over the world have been left reeling during nationwide lockdowns and a global pandemic.

Some companies are simply unable to operate, while others are thriving. Many are managing as best they can by working from home and taking care of any tasks that don’t require on-site work.

No matter your exact situation, now is an excellent time for innovative ideas and positive changes to shine. And thanks to the Internet, there are certainly many things you can do for your company both now, and in preparation for the future.

Redesign your website

When was the last time you updated your website?

The majority of companies these days have a website; however, we find that many of them are outdated or lacking in some way. It’s not uncommon for companies to still be using the very first website design they started with, which can mean the look and feel is outdated, or it can mean that the site is simply not adequately serving the needs of the brand nor its customers.

Redesigning a website takes time and concentration, two things that are often in short supply for busy business owners and brand managers. That’s why right now is an excellent time to focus on this oft-neglected task.

Think about how your website could be more visually appealing, easier to navigate, or more enticing for audiences to sign up for your service or make a purchase. A redesign can achieve all of these goals and more, and can be the perfect way to jumpstart your business once things get up and running again.

Set up e-commerce functionality

Can your customers buy directly from you online?

This is a great time to set up e-commerce functionality on your website to allow customers to make purchases quickly and easily. Even if it means you won’t be able to ship orders until after the lockdown, this function may help you stay afloat until you’re back up and running.

Plus, this function can be of great use in future once everything gets back to normal as well.

Many people think of e-commerce as a platform to sell products only, however, there are ways you can also sell services as well. Think about how you can set clear offerings of your services and create packages that you can promote online and sell through your website. Have you heard the concept “productising“? If you haven’t, please make sure to research the concept!

Innovation is the ability to see change
as an opportunity – not a thread. Steve Jobs

Offer webinars, tutorials, and classes

No matter your industry, you have knowledge that customers (and potential customers) need and want – and the Internet can help you share it.

The goal is to add value for your audience  what information could they use at home would help them in some way?

You don’t have to give away all your secrets, but you can offer advice and tips. This could be anything from how to get started in your business, to offering tips on a single aspect of what you do (such as how to create your own brand voice!), to sharing news about the latest updates in your industry.

Engage online

The Internet has created more platforms to connect with customers than ever before, and right now, that’s exactly where you’ll find your audience.

Head to your social media channels and start conversations, and be sure to respond to any comments to keep the chat going. Update your Instagram story, jump onto Facebook live, and update your customers with an email newsletter.

These conversations can help people feel a little less alone, and a little less like the whole world has stopped in its tracks. This engagement can help you stay consistent with your brand values and show your audience that you know this isn’t the time for pushing sales on them, but rather simply reaching out and looking out for one another.

For now, that positivity and business as usual attitude is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and for your brand.

Final thoughts

There are many ways you can adapt your business offerings and engagement online, depending on your industry and your brand. For sure you have already noticed changes in the way you are connecting with your clients, and you might have noticed the many new possibilities you have at the tip of your fingers. Now it’s the perfect time to step out of the box, think ahead and dare to be innovative, to make sure you see yourself and your business at the other side of these challenging times.

If you need some help or want to bounce some ideas with us don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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