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The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website


MARCH, 2016


If you are a business owner or run an organization, it is very likely you have some kind of online presence, such as a website. This could have been created some years ago when the mobile world wasn’t really a thing. Well, now it is:

According to the latest statistics from .NZ and published on their website getyourselfonline.nz, 81% of users in New Zealand uses their mobile device to search for services and information, and 75% of them see it as increasingly important that websites are mobile friendly. However, and surprisingly, just 29% of NZ businesses actually have a mobile friendly website


Users using Mobile to Search


See the importance of Mobile Friendly Websites


Business with a Mobile Friendly Website

What is Mobile Friendly Web?

In simple words, a mobile friendly website is one that it’s optimized for use in the mobile web, this website will look and work properly no matter the size of the screen you are using.

Responsive Web Design

One of the choices in mobile friendly sites is Responsive Web Design, and this is what we do at CREATIVA. Responsive Design means that the content on your site adapt to the size of the screen using fluent layouts. You don‘t need to sacrifice content or features to fix into small devices or create a separate website that it’s mobile. A responsive website recognize the type of device and creates a better experience for your visitors, no matter the size of their screens. This means no zooming, pinching or side scrolling. If you give your visitors a good user experience they are going to stay in your site, and this will lead to more engagement, actions or sales.

Why you need a mobile friendly website?

Mobile devices today are very affordable and the mobile browsing is getting more popular every day. If you are not accessible to these users you can be missing out many opportunities for your business. There are many reasons you should be considering updating your website to be mobile friendly, but the most relevants are:

  • SEO – Improve your Ranking on Google
    Since April 2015, Google announced they modified their algorithms to favor mobile friendly websites in their organic rankings, this means that they will rank higher those website that are mobile friendly. If your site it’s not mobile friendly you are letting Google rank you lower, meaning your listing might be in page two, three or even lower when people search for your services or related keywords. You become invisible because only a 4.8% of Google users go through the second page and a 1.1% to the third page. As I heard not long ago: “there is no better place to hide something than the third page on Google”. You can read more about the value of Organic First Page results here.
  • Better User Experience
    With a mobile friendly website you are providing a better mobile experience to your visitors. As we mention above a big number of people is browsing the web using small devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and this increases every day. If they visit your site and need to be scrolling, pinching or sliding the page all over the screen, or trying to get your menu to work on a fingertip, they are going to get frustrated, they are going to leave and look for another website that provide the same information but in a easier way. Your visitors are not going to spend their time trying to figure out how your website works on an small screen, this have to be easy and intuitive, fast and clear.

What to do if your website is not mobile friendly?

Find out if your site is mobile-friendly using Google’s mobile-friendly test. If your site fail this test, contact your website designer or developer and ask them how to upgrade. There can be a lot of options depending on how your website was built or what software is using, you might need to make adjustments to your current website or rebuild the whole site to incorporate the new technologies or software, depending of your needs.


Not having a mobile friendly website is not an option for businesses anymore, and at CREATIVA we strongly encourage you to test your site and make the necessary updates to make sure your business is not missing out in the digital world.  

If you have any questions about Responsive Websites leave us a comment or contact us directly, here at CREATIVA we can help you optimize your website to be flexible, responsive and user-friendly across all devices. A responsive website can help you achieve better rankings, give your user a positive experience and have a big point of difference over your competitors.

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