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New Year, New CREATIVA

12th January 2020

It’s 2020, and we’re switching the phrase New Year, new me to New Year, new CREATIVA. It seems everyone is taking steps to move into the future. We have certainly noticed our audience and clients are moving ahead, and we think it’s time for us to take the next step as well.

CREATIVA has been running for more than five years now, and we have come a long way from being a 2 co-founders working together from two old laptops… to a team of six ladies working in different parts of the world offering a diverse set of skills.

Our business has grown and evolved, as well as our clients, our services and the type of projects we work on; this is why we’ve been focusing on changing our brand identity to keep up with the times.

CREATIVA is not changing drastically, but we are redesigning our website and overall brand look to better reflect the dynamic and compelling company we have become.

What’s changing at CREATIVA?

CREATIVA is always working to progress and improve our services, and now more than ever. Right now, it’s all about change, adaptation, and growth, and we couldn’t be more excited to be taking these steps into the future.

As such, we are updating our website and brand identity with a new look for the New Year and the new us although keep in mind we are still offering the same fantastic services as ever!

Importantly, we are also bringing our CREATIVA Websites business under the umbrella of CREATIVA. This means CREATIVA Websites will no longer be a separate part of the business, but another great service offered by us as an alternative to our Custom Website design.

As a company that specialises in branding, we know it’s important to only change things when the time is right, rather than at random moments or even specified intervals. In fact, we’d love to take a moment to discuss rebranding, redesigning, and growth.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand Paul Rand

Why a redesign is not the same as a rebrand

A brand is a powerful and complex thing, and once you have built it, you need a good reason to change it.

For example, perhaps you have changed direction as a company in terms of services or audiences, or maybe you never invested much time or effort into branding in the early days, and are now ready for a concerted focus on a brand. A rebrand has a huge spectrum of possibilities, you can change just a few aspects of it from the design and logo for example, to a drastic change in the business name and brand values.

A redesign, on the other hand, is a way to refresh a brand identity without making major changes. Think of a new design as a way to refresh and update an existing brand, rather than throwing everything away and starting from scratch.

That’s why you’ll still recognise the CREATIVA we know and love, but be able to see progression in our design that reflects the progression of our brand.

The main types of rebranding

Are you thinking of rebranding your business? There are a number of reasons to make the change.

For many, rebranding is less about redoing something, and more about branding for the first time. This is usually when branding takes a back seat in the early days of a company when the focus is on launching and gaining customers, but once the business has found its feet, it comes time to really concentrate on the brand. We can’t also forget that branding it’s not just how your business looks and feel, it’s about the perception your audicence has about you.

For others, it can be a case of the existing brand being out of date. Companies that have been up and running for a few years can end up with an outdated brand that simply looks and feels archaic compared with new, modern competitors. A rebrand can help any business in this position to remain fresh and relevant in a competitive market.


Wrapping Up

Finally, rebranding can be an exercise in reflecting a change within the company. This could be a new direction in terms of services or products, or a new target audience. Every brand should accurately reflect the business and its clients, so changes in these areas often spark the need for a rebrand as well.

We invite you to browse around this new website we’re very excited and happy about what has been happening here and we can’t wait to see what 2020 bring us. And don’t forget to get in touch if you think a refresh, or a rebrand, is just what your company needs for 2020.