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Why we can’t wait to create websites for coaches

14th May, 2021

Web Design to Improve Conversions

At CREATIVA, we build beautiful websites and create stunning brand elements. We work with all sorts of businesses and organisations, from small beauty brands to not-for-profits, public groups, and more. And we love all of it.

Today we are launching a new subdivision on the same services (Branding and Websites) but focusing specifically on female coaches.

So why are we launching CREATIVA for Coaches, a service specifically for all kinds of coaches in New Zealand and abroad?

Why we want to build websites for coaches

We couldn’t be more excited to launch this service and work with coaches of all types, and it’s all because we feel like we truly connect with coaches.

Whether you’re a coach for business, beauty, nutrition, fitness, relationships, or anything in between, we understand just what it’s like to be a small but passionate and talented brand trying to get off the ground.

Not to mention, one of our biggest goals at CREATIVA has always been to support and uplift women in business. As businesswomen ourselves, we believe that by helping to establish female coaches, we’ll be able to reach more people and have an even bigger impact on the lives of women all over the country.

We know just how hard you work and how much you want to help others. We also know how hard it can be to share that enthusiasm with the world.

A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime. Billy Graham

We understand your pain points

We’ve spent some time talking to coaches we know to get a better, fuller understanding of the challenges you face when it comes to creating a website and building a brand identity.

Often, the first challenge is in building a website for yourself. We know that many coaches are highly driven, which is why they will endeavour to create their own website. While we’ve certainly seen some strong DIY websites, they are not usually as professional or as strategic as coaches would like them to be.

We also know that coaches struggle to keep their websites updated, especially when the business starts getting busy and updates go on the backburner.

Another key issue is the lack of technical knowledge when it comes to website maintenance and security and performance updates. This is specialist knowledge, which is why coaches need to be able to hand it over to an expert so they can focus on their own clients.

What CREATIVA offers for coaches

Between our dedication to supporting coaches and our understanding of their biggest hurdles, we couldn’t be more excited to offer coaches a specialised website.

Here’s everything we offer in our website for coaches service:

Stunning Pre-Design Templates

We have created a variety of beautiful pre-designed websites with coaches in mind. Choose any of them and we will customise it specifically for you and your brand. As of today, we have four ready-to-use templates to choose from, with different looks to fit all kinds of coaches’ styles. Our plan is to keep designing more templates in the future and bring more options to our clients.

Below you can see three of our beautiful templates, click on the name to see the demo site.

Your own tech and design team

Our service is the perfect combination between a DIY solution and a beautiful custom web design. Once you pick your favourite template you don’t have to set it up yourself (as usually works on website template solutions). Our team will upload your content and images, and will make sure your site looks and works beautifully saving yourself the time and the stress of setting it up yourself. 

Ongoing maintenance and support

A website it is not a one-off project, once your site goes live it needs caring and maintenance to keep running smoothly and working effectively for your business. We see many coaches trying to do this themselves, and although some of them are successfully managing their websites, there are many others that struggle to keep up. And we understand why!

With this service we will not only host your website, we’ll look after it and make sure it’s running smoothly, saving you the time and energy to focus on your coaching business and your clients.

And, as being part of our Website Care Plan, you can reach to us for any questions or support you need with your website! We’ll be here every step of the way.

Access to our bonuses and resources library

We are working hard behind the scenes working on a Library of extra pages and resources we want you to use and grow your business. Content marketing, lead generation materials, sales and funnel pages, opt-in pages, are essential tools that coaches need to increase their outreach and get people to sign-up for their services. and offerings.

In this library, we have pre-design extra pages you can choose from and we’ll set them up for you so you can use them right away. These are highly converting pages, with beautiful design and structure, that will help you convince. your visitors to sign up and join your mailing list, download your freebie, etc.

Free Typographic Logo

If you don’t have your logo design yet we have a selection of stunning fonts for you to choose from, you can pick a couple of fonts from our list and we’ll set up a typographic logo with your name on it and a tagline. We will provide you with a set of files that you can use on your website and all your marketing materials. 

Coming soon

We have so many ideas to offer coaches! 

Just to give you an idea, our sales pages will come with a highly converting and SEO optimised copy that you can tweak to your offer and your brand. We estimate these pages will be ready in the next couple of months.

We will also work on bringing you as many valuable resources and tips to help you make the best of your website.

Wrapping up

Our goal is to create a beautiful, functional, and professional website that helps you grow your audience, build your brand, get more clients, and ultimately make a bigger impact in the world.

We want to help you unlock your potential and accomplish your career goals by making a profound impact on your visitors.

Let us help you help others.