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Working with Pinterest Moodboards for design projects




Branding can be a complicated process, not many people realised what it involves and what things are necessary before coming up with concepts and visuals. The creative process is very subjective, what might look right for us, can be totally different to our clients. Here is where we need to apply a procedure that helps us and them to find a right balance between personal style and professional outcomes. One of the first and most important parts of our Design process is the Moodboard. It gives our clients and us a clear idea of the look and feel that will guide the whole design process.

What is a Moodboard

A moodboard is a collection or collage of images and visuals that states the overall design style of a project (Branding, Print or Websites). These images can be pictures, fonts, colours, layouts, and more. For our projects, a moodboard in an important source of inspiration and guidance of what the project style will be, and what are our clients likes and dislikes in terms of design.

Pinterest as digital Moodboard

We use Pinterest to create Moodboard for our projects. The main benefit is that we can share the boards with our clients, where they can collaborate with us, and they love it! Not only they feel part of the design process, but also gives them a great tool to show us what they like, to envision what would be the overall look and feel of their design, and also help them to discover new ideas for the project and get some inspiration.

The Moodboard images are not selected randomly. Before we create a Moodboard for a project we’ve had a brief meeting with our clients, and we send them a questionnaire with key questions. These two steps help us understand their project and needs.

“The main benefit for using a Moodboard is that we can share the boards with our clients and they can also collaborate with us, and they love it!”

How we do it?

1. We create a Secret Moodboard

The first step for us is to create a Secret Board, we make it secret because it’s an intimate and private collaboration work between our clients and us. We start “Pinning” (saving images on Pinterest boards) a few images according to our meeting and the questionnaire mentioned above. Depending on the kind of project we are working on we will pin colour palettes, photos, icons, layouts, fonts, logos, etc, anything we think it will inspire the future design work.

Please note: these images are NOT to copy other designs, they are used to get inspiration and guidelines for the project and the development of the future visuals.

2. We share the Moodboard with our client

Once we have enough images pinned on the board we invite our client to join the secret board. To be able to join the moodboard they need to have a Pinterest account and follow ours.

3. Start Pinning!

From here our client can go through the images we pinned, make comments and pin new images, as much as they want. Here is where we get a feel of what our clients like and dislike. It’s much better and easier for them to explain what they like this way, far easier than trying to do it with words.

We encourage them to make comment on images they like and they don’t like, also to tell us why they like an image and what styles or moods are more eye catching to them. They can make their own search in order to Pin new images that represent them and “speaks” to them in any way.

To see how to make comments and Pin images take a look at the video below:

4. We step back and analyse the board

Once the client has done their comments and pins, we step back and have a look at the whole board again, to find those key graphic elements that tell their project story. At this stage, we are looking for a consistent style, an overall theme and any signs of the project’s emotions and personality. Our job now is to convey all these elements and create a unique and beautiful design proposal that reflect their core values and represent the project in simple and beautiful visuals.

Wrapping Up

Working with Pinterest for our Moodboards has brought many benefits, especially for our clients. Making them part of the design process is a great way for them to express what they want and how they want it, it makes them feel listened and understood. For us, it gives us a great understanding of the client’s design preferences, which helps us to provide them with a product that we know they are going to love. It is all about collaboration, to give them what they need but also create a professional design that represents their brand values and personality.

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