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Bonus Pages and Resources Library

What is this page

Here you can find all the free add-ons we have for you to use on your website.
You can use one page per category and the pages will be customised with your logo, images, colours and fonts.

Opt-In Pages – Short 

Short landing pages with a hero image and a simple form to opt-in to your email listing system. 

Short Optin Short #1

Short Opt-in Short #2

Short Opt-in Short #3

Opt-In Pages – Long 

A longer version of Opt-In pages with more opportunities to convince your audience to sign up to your email list. 

Short Optin Long #1

Short Opt-in Long #2

Short Opt-in Long #3

Pre-selected Font Pairings

A handpicked selection of Google Fonts pairings we can set up on your website.

Serif Heading Fonts

Sans Serif Heading Fonts

Sales Pages 


Sale Page #1

Sale Page #2

Sale Page #3