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How to Create a Blog Post

using the Divi Builder

Blogging is really important for any website, here you can learn how to create a blog post using the Divi Builder.


1. Sign in you your website and from your Dashboard go to Post > Add New

2. Give your post a Title

3. Click on the purple button: Use the Divi Builder

4. Select a Premade Layout or Clone an Existing Page, this will load the whole layout or clone a previous blog/page

5. On the Divi Page Settings, select:
    – Page Layout: Fullwidht
    – Post Title: Hide

6. Now let’s edit the post content: click on the Build On the Front End button

7. Once the Visual Builder loads, change the content, text and images. R

8. Once finish editing go to the purple button at the bottom to open the Save Options and click on Save Draft or Publish

9. Now go to the back end of the blog post, click on Edit Post on the top black bar

10. Go to Categories and select the category for this blog post

11. Go to Feature Image and select an image for this post, this image will show up on your blog page

12. Add an Excerpt to the blog. This will allow you to control what is shown on the blog page.

13. Click on the blue button: Save or Publish, to finish.