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The importance of website design for your business

2 March, 2022

Web Design to Improve Conversions

Good website design is essential for any business – but why?

It can be hard to articulate exactly how and why good design can make all the difference, which is why we often see businesses investing in all other areas before they think about improving their website design.

But the importance of good website design simply can’t be understated. Here are just three of the key reasons why every business needs great design for their website.

Good website design drives sales

Have you ever been interested in making a purchase or inquiring about a product, only to be hindered by a confusing website layout?

One of the most common reasons that shoppers abandon their carts on ecommerce sites is because the checkout process is too long or confusing, and the same principle applies across the website itself.

If the design isn’t clear, simple, and easy to follow, users can click away and try somewhere else (a competitor). When the design is quick and easy, users have few barriers to making a purchase or booking, helping to move them through the sales funnel and improve your bottom line.

Good website design is key to your branding

Your brand is your business personality, and one of the most memorable parts of your company. Through good design, you can build your brand identity, reinforce it, and make customers see why it’s so special.

For example, perhaps your brand is one that’s loud, fun, and silly. Through design elements such as your layout, font choices, color combinations, and logo, you can clearly communicate your vivacious brand personality within the first few seconds of a customer visiting your website.

This helps to set you apart in a busy marketplace and ensure your customers remember you for next time, even if they don’t make a purchase this time.

“Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.”
― Hans Hoffman

Good website design makes you look professional and trustworthy

In an age where online scams are commonplace and fraudulent websites are not hard to find, one of the easiest ways to tell a professional website apart from a sham one is through design.

Fraudulent websites don’t waste resources on good design or content, which is why an unfortunate side effect of legitimate businesses not investing in design is to be lumped in the same basket.

Even if a customer knows that your website is legitimate, the design is one of the few measures of trustworthiness they have of your brand at this stage. Therefore poor design and a sub-par user experience may give them the impression that your products and services could also leave them feeling disappointed.

Fortunately, even simple, low-cost website design is enough to create a professional, trustworthy impression, so you can always start with a template design until you have the resources to invest in a custom website.

Good design is an invaluable investment – literally

No matter how you look at it, good design is a good investment. While there are rarely concrete returns when it comes to design, there certainly are great reasons to invest that all lead to better branding, a better customer experience, and a stronger business overall.

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