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Latin America & Spain Film Festival
Branding & Web Design

About the project

The Latin America & Spain Film Festival is a nationwide event organised by a group of Embassies in New Zealand. It is a cultural event dedicated to contemporary cinematographic productions from Latin America and Spain, screenings movies in different NZ cities every year from September to November.

For more than 10 years the Festival struggled to develop a strong visual image that reflected the impact and the value they bring to the community, to reflect the spirit of Latin America & Spain culture, and to reach their audience in a professional way.

Project Goals

  • To create a brand that represents the Latin American & Spaniard culture
  • To create a consistent and cohesive look and feel across all marketing channels
  • To elevate the Festival brand and positioning nationwide

Client Industry

Movie Festival
Arts & Culture


Branding Guidelines
Logo Design

Brand Vision

To reflect the spirit of Latin America & Spain on modern and professional visuals to attract and connect with our audience.

Web Design

The main features requested by the client were to have an easy navigation and a modern beautiful site, with a movie directory that allows visitors to sort movies by language, genre, titles, countries, etc. It also needed an easy way to find venue, cities and festival schedules for its visitors.

Logo Design & Branding

We created a colour palette based on the colourful and vibrant Latin American spirit. We mixed these bold and bright colours with the concept of a movie strip used on movie reels to represent the cinema industry and film festivals.

“We are pleased to inform that we have been able to meet our goal of significantly increasing the number of people attending the Festival and this has been made possible due to a large extent to your great work. Please allow us to thank you and the staff of CREATIVA most sincerely for your contribution to the Festival.”

LASFF Organisation Group