The Brand Authority Framework

Align your brand efforts and grow your business

Create a plan for growth

Build a memorable brand

Get better results and sales

Your business has grown and your brand needs to keep up.

We’ve worked with many businesses over the years, and we’ve seen what is required to make a brand and website truly successful. 

It’s not just a logo, a well-crafted visual guidelines, a beautifully designed website, or a well-written content. It’s when you strategically combine all of these together that you get real and faster results.

This is why we created this framework, so businesses can create a real and strong plan of action and success that will bring their brand to the next level.

The Brand Authority Framework

A comprehensive and high-quality programme to make your brand stand out and build a strong authority.

Our signature framework is a 12-month plan that takes your brand and website to the next level.

Become the leader

Stand out in a competitive market and become the go-to expert in your industry.

Design and content that convert

Align your designs, messaging, goals and strategies to achieve your business goals.

Empower your business

With a solid plan that will build a strong foundation for your marketing efforts.

“Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.”
— Brian Reed

One powerful framework
for your brand success

Our Brand Authority Framework is based on 3 main areas of branding growth, these are:




Combining these 3 areas strategically your brand will gain
Consistency, Awareness, Trust = BRAND AUTHORITY

1. Identity

Elevate your Brand

First impressions are important, and they help you get people’s attention and convert them into customers. In this stage, we’ll look into your brand basics, and develop a consistent and strong Branding.

2. Connection

Engage with your audience

Once you get people’s attention you need to make sure you have the right platform and the story to make a real and authentic connection. We’ll build your website with a clear customer journey and compelling storytelling.

3. Positioning

Become the Authority

In today’s market, it’s crucial to keep optimising and supporting your brand and website efforts, so they can keep working for your business and increase your authority. This includes SEO, valuable content and ongoing support.

The Process

How does the Brand Authority Framework works?

Our process combines many years of experience delivering projects on time with great results. It’s all about conscious planning and great processes.


We start by auditing your existing branding, website and copy to identify the areas that need our attention and define what needs to be done and improve.


We laid out a 12-month plan to execute the work and specify milestones and goals for each stage.

Design and Support

Our team become a dedicated partner to your business, making sure you get amazing designs, outstanding tools, and ongoing support.

Your Investment

The Brand Authority Framework is a
12-month plan of
$1,500/per month

The Brand Authority Framework is a
12-month plan of
1,550/per month

The Brand Authority Framework is a
12-month plan of
$2,000+gst/per month

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